Tuesday, October 20, 2015

About us

Inkan Milky Way Tours Lima - Cusco - Arequipa - Best Free Walking Tour

We are Richard & Elvis, two brothers and professional Tour Guides, well English speaking and very enthusiastic ones.
We have studied Tourism and Hospitality Business at the College, after being graduated we have been working for many years in the tourism industry in Peru and many other countries such as USA and Europe, based on our experience we have decided to do two things:
  • We have taken many walking tours worldwide therefore after coming back to Peru-Cusco we have decided to open up a walking tour with the aim of showcasing our countries and cities beauty.
  • We have also taken many pre-paid tours worldwide since we are also travel lover people, on our tours we have noticed that statistically Private Tours are the BEST ones, since the service is totally personalized and you do not have to "follow the flag".
Whether we have being doing well or not so far, it is something that only our customers can say for us, based on more than 1.4 reviews on tripadvisor that say we are from very good to excellent company. Every single review has been a big challenge to get it therefore we mention them very humbly. On the other hand only 3 out for 10 satisfied custumers who will write a review BUT 7 out from 10 unsatisfied customers who will review very badly.

When we started this company back in December 2012, we have chosen the name of “Free Tours by Foot Cusco” in other to distinguish our company from the other ones, after selected the name we have designed our YELLOW VEST with the FTF logo on it which stands for “Free Tours by Foot Cusco”.
Ufortunately some people with lack of creativity copied our Idea o Yellow Vests and they were even use our comercial nama: Free Tours by Foot Cusco, because of this reason this year 2018, we have changed Free Tours by Foot Cusco to Inkan Milky Way Tours so that nobody can copy it, we are still sing Yellow Vests BUT we ecourage people to check oout our Logo.

Inkan Milky Way Tours is the name of our legally established company and now also the comercial name, that applies in Cusco, Lima and Arequipa powered by the creators of "Free Tours by Foot Cusco".

Free Walking Tour Cusco Details:
  • For all free walkingtours Cusco join us at Regocijo Plazoleta(Kusipata) at the following departures: From mon to sat at 10am  -  1pm  -  3:30pm - On Sundays join us at 10am only, Look for Inkan Milky Way Logo on the Yellow Vests.
  • For bespoke tours visit us at our office at San Agustin Street 269 from mon to sat at 6pm to 9pm.

Free Walking Tour Cusco Details: 

BE AWARE in Lima, with Fake yellow vests SEUDO companies.
You can also keep free walking with us in Arequipa and have a genuine free walking tou Arequipa.

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