Sunday, May 28, 2017

What is an appropriate amount of tip?

Whenever you are in the world tipping is optional when you take a pre-paid tour, on the other hand if you take a free walking tour service is mandatory unless the service is very POOR. Our free tour service is good to great, since tour guides will do their best so that attendees will feel like tipping more, as simple as that, don't take our word for it, just check out oure views on TripAd.

If you go to NYC or Berlin, the philosophy for free tours is "tip what you like” or "pay what you want", this is a great philosophy and really works because New Yorkers are BIG TIPPERS, same goes to the German Tourists, they all tip nicely and decently.

On the other hand, Keeping this kind of philosophy does NOT work in South America since we have many, hundreds of tourists that are traveling as Backpackers, which is good BUT a large amount of these tourists are very, very, very CHEAP, they are asking for a set of menu of 1 SOLES (0.30cents dollars), this is so impolite. If you travel to USA or Switzerland you cannot ask for 1 dollar set of menu that would be so ridiculous. Apart from this we also have many tourists is South America who don't have the culture for tipping such as Israel, Canada, China, Korea, Japan or France, we understand every single one of them, indeed we agree with them on the fact that if you take  a pre-paid service there is NO need to tip, cause you already paid for this service, ON THE OTHER HAND this is a free walking tour service, tour guides and the team entirely depend on tourists economic contributions, therefore tipping is MANDATORY, DECENT TIPS – NO COINS - Tipping is personal not per group.

Read all remarks below so that you know how to tip.
Free tour Tip in NYC is 20 USD per person
Free Tour Tip in Barcelona is 15 to 20 euros per person
Free Tour Tip in Budapest is 15 euros per person
Free Tour in Santiago Chile is 12 UDS per person
FREE TOUR REFERENTIAL PRICE IN CUSCO is 7 USD per person (20 soles per person)

In Italy, Tour guides say: "Coins are for the water fountain, paper bill for the tour guides"

All tipping prices above can be proved correct by checking tripadvisor comments and we are people who have attended walking tours across the globe since we were also travelers therefore we had the idea of opening a walking tour company in Cusco.
Before you join our company now you know how much to tip your tour guide.
Finally, Attending our free tours are totally volunteer not obligatory, we are an exclusive company that makes focus on quality, so quality is guaranteed with us.

If you take a city tour in Cusco, tour agencies will tell you, “It is just 20 soles” (7 dollars) that is not true, because they don’t tell that you will need entrance tickets. So this is how is goes: Tour Guide & Transportation is 20 soles, Entrance Tickets is 130 soles (Boleto Turistico), entrance to the Cathedral is 25 soles and Qoricancha is 15 soles, all together is: 190 soles(65 USD), Now you compare 65USD to 7USD, so there is no need to say, "OMG it is expensive", "I though it was free". Keep in mind that a free tour is a philosophy don’t translate it literally. If you take a free walking tour with other comapanies in Cusco their decent tip is 50 soles which  is ok, that is their policy.

All above stated is not for New Yorkers or nice attendees that have the culture to tip, most of these customers they even tip 50 USD or 100 soles plus, obviosly when a tourist tip like this, we are totally motivated to keep offering what we offer.
Don't turn on this face, when the tour guide ask for tips, cause NO free walking tour in the world is FREE.

There is no need to think that we are setting a price here since all free walks across the globe are this way, apart from this, tour guides are family men, they also eat, think about this please.

IMPORTANT! The last 5 years we noticed that, The French are among the world's stingiest tippers, don't be like that please, it is ok no tipping if your server got a salary although a free walk tour guides works on tips only and DECENT TIPS.

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