Friday, December 23, 2016

Santuranticuy - Sale of Saints

Santuranticuy (means sale of saints), is the Traditional Folk Art Fair in Cusco city, and it is part of the celebrations in Cusco's Christmas.

It takes place on December 24 of each year in Plaza de Armas of Cusco.
It is one of the biggest celebrations, where craftsmen come from all regions of Peru to exhibit their crafts that make allusion to Saints and the typical Manuelito Child.

It is also customary to buy dresses for the Child Jesus and candles for the Christmas celebration.

The Christmas crafts made from various techniques such as wood, ceramics, silverware, imaginería and others.

The Christmas in Cusco, does not go unnoticed, the whole town joins to the choral presentations, and makes decorations on the balconies of historic center and people build manger or "births" in their homes, institutions, churches and other premises.

The mangers are decorated with native flora of Cusco brought from the field and the people, usually, put in their manger small animals that sell in the fair. Who want, can participate in the contest of Cusqueños Births that organizes EMUFEC (Municipal Corporation Celebrations Cusco).

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