Thursday, April 13, 2017

Our Free Tour is good for:

Every day at Free Tours by Foot we offer ORIGINAL WALKING TOURS withOUT the following things:
  • No Alpaca tasting
  • No Chocolate tasting
  • No Pisco Sours
  • No Beer tasting
  • No Restaurants
All above featurings are OUT from our free tour organization, since we want to do original service, withOUT publicity stunts.
Because of this reason our walking tours are good for:
  • Tourists who are interested in history.
  • Tourists who love culture.
On the other hand our walking tours are NOT good for:
  • Tourists that want to kill time.
  • People who don't like history.
  • People who want to shop.
  • Attendees who want a shopping walking tour
  • Tourists who love taking 80% of the tour, then run away and they are the same attendees that love escaping from walking tours in Lima, Arequipa, Berlin or New York, These RUDE tourists are NOT allowed in our tours at all.
  • Local People or Peruvians arer required to PAY before the tour starts, price is 50 soles per person sicne we got many tour agents "finding out" what we do in our organization.
  • Las personas locales o nacionales(Peruanos) est├ín obligados a pagar 50 soles por persona antes de iniciar el tour, debido a que hay muchos agentes de viajes que vienen a CHISMEAR lo que hacemos, Usted. tiene la ultima palabra para tomar el servicio o desistir.
Before coming to ouir walking tours make a wise decision as per your expectations as simple as that.
Please follow the following free tour departures:
From Monday to Saturday at 10am - 1pm - 3:30pm.
On Sunday we have only one free tour departure at 10am (updated since April 2nd, 2017  - before 12.20pm)
Meet us at Plaza Regocijo-Kusipata right in front of the CITY HALL.
Look for the YELLOW VESTS with FTF logo.

Tour Guides: Richard & Elvis, NO other names.

Tours by Foot Deartures

For more info abou our free tours and best private tours see our website:
The Cathedral in the nith time - Cusco city

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