Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Indigenous Culinary in Cusco - every Sunday only

Chiru Uchu(Staffed Guinea Pig, an exquisite to Peruvians)

Our culinary in Peru is a  lend between anmerindigenous food with spanish, frtench, italian or even chinese.
Back in bthe colonial times lots of ingredients from europe was brought anthough there are some dishes that were already prepared here such as: Chiriuchu, Ceviche, Pachamanca, Causa and much more.
Our culinary before the spaniards were mainly boiled, not fried or grilled.
I terms of meat we would maily eat guinea apart from native fishes, scargott, ducks or chinchilla(andean rabbits)
To learn more about our culinary join our free walking tour every sunday at 10am, at this day we will visit the plaza San Francisco where we have local culinaly festival.


Cuzco the 24th of May, we are celebrating CORPUS CHRISTI-Body of Jesus Christ, we do have currently big celebrations these days in Cuzco City and all Catholic People in the American Continent since this is Spanish rooted celebration. The party starts on the 25th of May to commemorate the Life of Jesus Christ after 60 days he s been crucified. This is a great opportunity to take pics, see life style, culture and culinary. Up this blog I have posted a photo, the name of this dish is CHIRIUCHU (COLD CHILLI PEPPER)


This dish is like a world on a plate.  It works for catholic festivities because it brings everything together, in the small portions of different ingredients of different types and from different regions.
It has corn as its base, with guinea pig, chicken, a kind of jerky (charky), and sausage on top of the kernels of gold.  Then comes a slice of cheese from the neighboring highland region of Puno (very delicious), a torreja (a Spanish omelette with corn flour, compis potatoes, yellow squash (zapallo), onion greens, and spices), and then sea weed and fish eggs from the Pacific coast.  A slice of colorful Root pepper occupies the top.
The dish is served cold and is eaten with the hands.
Yesterday and today, crowds of people will gather at the stands by San Francisco to sit and eat chiriuchu while musicians stroll through to serenade with their art.   The dish can also be found in many restaurants with varying degrees of authenticity.

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